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PaulosAnalysis provides consulting on energy policy, advocacy, communications, and research.

Ben Paulos is an analyst, strategist, writer, and advocate for clean energy. PaulosAnalysis clients have included government agencies, non-profits, foundations, research and consulting firms, trade associations, and media.

Selected clients include the Electricity Markets & Policy Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, East Bay Community Energy, the Clean Energy States Alliance, and the Illinois Power Agency.

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Farmers and ranchers across the country find that wind farms are highly compatible with their agricultural communities. The #wind is just another crop to harvest. #windpower

What do you think would be an acceptable number of people dying on our roads?

Powerful message by Transport Accident Commission Victoria.

Police involvement in traffic law enforcement is a barrier, not a solution, to #SafeStreets. We’re proud to help Berkeley lead the charge to de-police transportation! The nation is watching. @IDoTheThinking @RigelRobinson

The Healthy Streets idea is nice, @RashiKesarwani, but let's get ambitious and build a protected and connected network of bike lanes.

New York as a Biking City? It Could Happen. And It Should.

🐐🐐🐐🐐 Look at 'em goat!!! Check out the Goats 'R Us goats as they are moved from building 77 to 62. #wildlifewednesday #lablife #LBNLwfh

(🎥: @CalypsosPoet & Salomon Guzman)

@PoweredbyEBCE is launching another round of community grants to support ongoing Covid19 relief - this time around we are focused on supporting our most impacted communities from West Oakland to East Tracy by providing $200k in direct financial support to front line orgs

East Bay Community Energy@PoweredbyEBCE

SPREAD THE WORD: EBCE is now launching our 3rd round of community grants to local organizations that provide COVID-19 relief. This round is $200,000. Details at

I wrote a summary of community choice energy aggregation for the @aespinfo's Strategies magazine - "A new form of public power". Enjoy!

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