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PaulosAnalysis provides consulting on energy policy, advocacy, communications, and research.

Ben Paulos is an analyst, strategist, writer, and advocate for clean energy. PaulosAnalysis clients have included government agencies, non-profits, foundations, research and consulting firms, trade associations, and media.

Selected clients include the Electricity Markets & Policy Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, East Bay Community Energy, the Clean Energy States Alliance, and the Illinois Power Agency.

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Boy, this Ohio @firstenergycorp story is getting more interesting every day.

There's a website dedicated to ditching Sam Randazzo, who just resigned after the FBI raided his home:

Brought to you by @OHconsumerpower:

As the pandemic drags on, the local economy is taking a serious hit. EBCE is helping our community by making relief grants, supporting job training and placement programs, and making sure eligible customers sign up for rate discount programs.

Introducing "peace RECs", international renewable energy credits that create projects with really high social value. @Microsoft buys them, @3Degrees_Inc brokers, and people in the Congo benefit. Very interesting.

As California aims for a low-carbon future, we’ll see much more wind and solar power. Batteries work well to shift #solar power from day to night, but how will we deal with the need for longer shifts? Read our thinking in the latest newsletter.

PG&E continues to use power shutoffs to reduce the risk of wildfire. To help customers cope, EBCE has launched the Resilient Home project, providing incentives for solar and battery systems. Learn more at

I just don't know why @SenJohnBarrasso isn't completely on fire for long distance transmission lines. Wyoming is "the Saudi Arabia of wind" he says, and wind is the cheapest, lowest-risk source of power. But WY is far away from load. Answer: @TheMacroGrid.

Joshua Siegel@SiegelScribe

If @SenJohnBarrasso chairs the Senate Energy Committee, he will continue the GOP focus on nuclear power and carbon capture, he told me recently

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