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PaulosAnalysis provides consulting on energy policy, advocacy, communications, and research.

Ben Paulos is an analyst, strategist, writer, and advocate for clean energy. PaulosAnalysis clients have included government agencies, non-profits, foundations, research and consulting firms, trade associations, and media.

Selected clients include the Electricity Markets & Policy Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, East Bay Community Energy, the Clean Energy States Alliance, and the Illinois Power Agency.

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THREADS UP! Tracking the Sun, our report that analyzes distributed solar trends, is out! It has price, technology and other data from 2.2 million PV systems in 30 states, representing 78% of the total installed through 2020. 1/x

Another reason to be glad you don't live in Texas.

Untreated sewage will flow to Rio Grande for months, El Paso Water says via @elpasomatters

I could never understand why Harvard and other institutions didn't divest from fossil fuels a long time ago. It's been a crappy stock investment for a long time. This is the S&P global oil index. Coal is even worse.

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