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PaulosAnalysis provides consulting on energy policy, advocacy, communications, and research.

Ben Paulos is an analyst, strategist, writer, and advocate for clean energy. PaulosAnalysis clients have included government agencies, non-profits, foundations, research and consulting firms, trade associations, and media.

Selected clients include the Electricity Markets & Policy Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, East Bay Community Energy, the Clean Energy States Alliance, and the Illinois Power Agency.

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"hydrogen, theoretically, is abundant.". 🤨

Next @HirokoTabuchi should report on what it takes to make #hydrogen for cars, vs. electricity for EVs. It will be quite instructive about the future of cars.

@PoweredbyEBCE + @GRID are partnering to gift 7 FREE rooftop solar systems to select customers. Eligibility =
(1) Live in/own their home
(2) Meet CARE/FERA limits + live in Disadvantaged Community
Apply -


Solar-plus-storage continues to grow in the US but it remains at 5% of residential and <3% of non-residential installations

New @BerkeleyLabEMP report shows storage adds 0.6-1.2 USD/Wp to installed price and allows adopters to meet 60%-80% of daily load


New @BerkeleyLabEMP report suggests saving electricity at 3 cents/kWh--relatively constant since 2010. Perhaps among the reasons why #EnergyProductivity, shown below, is the bigger energy resource? Free webinar August 10, 2021 to discuss their findings:

The pandemic has made it hard for many customers to pay their utility bills. EBCE is pushing on all fronts to help relieve past debts and reduce the size of future bills.

Read about our efforts in our newsletter, "From the CEO's Desk."

Melissa Brandt, our policy lead, is profiled in the latest issue of our newsletter. She argues that “CCAs need to be understood as powerful agents of change in helping the state meet its goals.”

Follow her at @ebce_policy.

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